Toty Viola in the studio

Toty's latest release, Jazzissimo! is now available and has received wonderful reviews from the music community. 10-time Grammy award winning artist, George Benson, said this about Toty's CD, Jazzissimo!:

"This recording by Toty Viola is an adventure for anyone who appreciates Jazz music in the traditional sense — with all the flare and creativity that can only be expressed by a guitar master. You need only lend your ears to verify the statement I just made. I'm convinced you will draw the same conclusion as I have - that Toty is a dedicated Jazz master with the kind of emotional and romantic input that comes from an Italian-born "artista"." ~ GEORGE BENSON

The sound bytes below are taken from Toty's Jazzissimo! CD as well as a few from upcoming recordings. Stay tuned…